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Web Development

Full website development services, database driven websites, scripting, CGI, Flash, domain registration and all related tasks undertaken. Read full details of our complete service package, and our design principles. E-commerce ready shopping cart enabled content management system (CMS) available - our WebManager content management software is ideal for large and/or frequently updated sites - and can even prove to be more cost-effective than a standard design of website.

Or do you already have a website which is not performing to it's maximum potential? Not enough hits, not enough feedback, sales, poor results in search engines? Read about our exclusive WebHiliter program - you'll notice the difference!

Our fundamental design principles, whether all you need is a one-page billboard or much, much more are: 
  • Ease of use and clear navigation for visitors.
  • "Light" uncluttered pages which download fast, images optimised for web use.
  • Search-engine friendly design to ensure a good listing.
  • Pages which will look good whatever browser or operating system the visitor uses.

Unlike print or other media, what you see is not necessarily what you get - anything from 70% to 90% of the work that goes into a well developed web site is not visible - things like "compatibility issues" related to different browsers and operating systems, search indexability, functionality, "version control" and testing - all these are just a small selection of differences between designing for print and developing for the Web - differences which the end user,  possibly inexperienced designer or client rarely gives a second thought to.

Our complete service package includes:

  • An informational meeting to enquire about your needs and guide you to the various options available, plus indications as to the viability or otherwise of the planned web strategy.
  • A quotation outlining in detail breakdown of costs.
  • Upon acceptance, further consultation and more detailed co-operative planning of the project.
  • Complete design and development of site; including creation of logos or conversion to web-supported formats, plus any digital photography, etc.
  • A pre-release preview for any minor corrections/amendments.
  • Registration of domain name (www."yourcompanyname".com)
  • Setup of account with host. (See our Hosting page for info)
  • Uploading of all pages/graphics etc to web server, creating all directories, etc.
  • Submission of URL (web address) for listing in local and international search engines and directories, such as Search Malta,, Altavista, Google, Yahoo and many more - up to 750 using special software.
  • All periodic maintenance/updating of site as required - full support all the way.

We believe in delivering a complete service - not metaphorically but literally. We do not see why you, as a client, need to "get technical" to have or maintain a web presence; quite the contrary, a website should be an asset which further assists you to become more efficient and profitable in running your day to day business, not bog you down. We can also develop easy content management systems for those clients with the time or resources to maintain particularly large web sites, all without need for knowledge of a single line of code - we give you the tools to update, modify, add or delete content in your website - contact us for more information.


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